Categorized: 51 Selected Toastmasters Posts

8 years of Toastmasters writing, 51 articles, and interviews, all in one place.

Written with honesty and in simple words, with the purpose of giving you ideas, insights inspiration in order to make your life as a Toastmaster easier, more productive, and more fun.

If you find any favorites, let me know. If you’ll find any topic missing, let me know too. I might be able to add it later.

And now, enjoy!

Introducing Toastmasters

Toastmasters Explained in 7 Minutes (from a speech we used to introduce Toastmasters in MSD’s Prague IT Hub)

Content, Feedback and No Magic: 3 Unexpected Takeaways from Toastmasters (it’s not all about public speaking)

Toastmasters Are Just Too Nice! (says one professional public speaking trainer)

Speech Prep

Prolific (you can do it more than four times a year!)

How to Avoid Pain Writing Toastmasters Speeches (while keeping the quality) (doesn’t everyone want that?)

Gazpacho and Speeches (and what they have in common)

How to Prepare a 7-Minute Speech in 5 Minutes or Less (it might not be a masterpiece, but it will get you out of trouble)

You’re Going to Speak Today (what if you knew that?)

Toastmasters Style Public Speaking

Orating Like Martin Luther King? Well… (do you want that?)

“Toastmasters Are Like Bad Actors” (are you?)

Toastmasters Challenge: Apply Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs! (inspired by Carmine Gallo’s book)

Presentation Skills: Imitate, Imitate, Imitate! (if you’re not doing it yet, you should start now!)

Member Engagement

Every Time a Toastmasters Club Does This, a Kitten Dies (can your members rely on your club?)

5 Ways to Get Guests to Your Online Toastmasters Meeting (spoiler alert: they’re not so hard to do)

Some Will Drop Out of Toastmasters (some will stay)

We Need More Members (but… why should those people care?)

Membership Building: An Unusual Heavy Trick from Slovakia (they know their stuff)

When to Cancel a Toastmasters Meeting (the answer might surprise you)

How to attract more … to Toastmasters (who is your ideal member?)

Guests into Members (3 Things to Focus on) (many clubs get this part wrong)


The Biggest Inefficiency in Volunteering (and Overcoming It) (reading this will relieve you of a lot of frustration)

Where a Toastmaster May Be Disadvantaged in Organizing Events (we’re getting some bad habits – but they can be fixed!)

Balanced Toastmasters Diet: Why I Enjoy Each of the Meeting Roles (the pros of each)

Inquisitive, Ungrateful, Violent, Treacherous, Envious and Uncharitable Toastmasters (inspired by Marcus Aurelius)

If You Don’t Work with Joe, You Die (inspired by Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic voyage)

Is 13% Exciting? (answer before you click)

Area Director: How Much Time? (the most frequently asked question by Area Director candidates)

Show Your Club’s Drive Early: Smedley Award is On! (useful even when it’s not on)

(Don’t Be a) Burnt Out Toastmaster (bringing yourself to exhaustion is not a badge of honor, but a sign of poor self-management)

How to Earn Respect in Toastmasters (spoiler alert: you might need to do some speeches)

Toastmasters for a Lifetime: Workshop Notes (from a full-day workshop delivered by the International Executive Committee in Prague in November 2018)

Preparing and Delivering Training / Workshops

Giving a Workshop: My First Time (one of my most painful Toastmasters experiences)

Create & Deliver a Workshop in Eleven Simple Steps (try them out and see how they work for you)

Toastmasters Events

10 Energizing Tips for Your Online Open House Meeting

Rock Your Conference

Parallel Universe and Apology Openings

Speech Contests Are a Team Sport

Toastmaster’s Journey

Next Time – Wear a Jacket!

Toastmasters, Taxis and Marathons

French Fries in KFC and Why We Do Table Topics

Iceland – Bahamas – Toastmasters (and your next trip)

How to Earn Respect in Toastmasters

District Leader Training: A Day in a Life

Russian Speech Challenge (Objective: Survive 7 Minutes)

Prague Does Not Need You

Interviews with Notable Toastmasters

Daniel Kovari: “TMI is not fast enough to measure our growth!”

Florian Bay: “I could have joined Toastmasters already in 2007. If only there was a club close enough.”

Jaro Kovac: Sales Skills Will Improve Your Life

Andrei Popescu: “I had to make peace with my inner demons in order to move on.”

Joanna Chmiel: “Say yes – and see what happens”

Iwona Winiarska: “A few years ago, I wanted to be anonymous”

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