Some Will Drop Out of Toastmasters

Yes, there will be people who will drop out of Toastmasters because the meetings are (temporarily)  moved online.

Surprise surprise.

There were people who dropped out of Toastmasters when Pathways were introduced.

There were people (most likely men) who dropped out from Toastmasters in 1973 when the organization began officially admitting women.

That’s the thing with change. Some people don’t like it. Some people drop out.

And yet…

We keep getting new members after switching to Pathways. And we certainly gained a lot of members after the decision of 1973.

Today, our clubs that teach communication and leadership offering mutually supportive and positive learning experience are going fully online.

Not just Toastmasters clubs.

Millions of office workers around the world turning their work fully online these days. Many experiencing extensive remote work for the first time in their lives. Many trying to figure out effective means of remote communication. Many anxious about it.

Who should show them the way?

A Toastmasters meeting just a few clicks away.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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