About Lukas

Career-wise: Project Manager (getting things done), ex-Management Consultant (getting things done ’round the clock).

Crazy about: Toastmasters. Since July 2016 he’s working as Division Director for Czech Republic and Slovakia. Supporting a team of Area Directors in building new clubs & improving the existing ones. Mentoring a bunch of business professionals to become rockstar speakers.

Special skill: Ability to see in others how good they can be if they give it a try.

Personal weakness: Sometimes takes himself too seriously. He’s fighting this terrible trait with support of his closest friends who don’t (take him too seriously). And by reading wise books.

1 audiobook he listened to 3 times over: Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday.

1 song he loves to sing with the audience in his workshops: Hit me Baby One More Time

What makes people nervous in his presence: He takes notes of brilliant / awkward things they say in his little black journal.

Why the hell is he writing a blog: Because he loves writing. Because he enjoys long and thoughtful conversations. And because he believes that conversations in writing can be as good as the spoken ones. Sometimes even better.

Lukas Liebich Subway

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