7 Tips for Online Storytelling

In case you’d ever like to speak at one. Works both for featured speakers and for Open-Mics.

#1 Check out what it looks like

Here’s the recording of the first Storytellers’ Sunday Online.

#2 Tell just one story

It’s not a Toastmasters speech contest. More like this (The Moth Presents David Cole) than this (Darren Tay | Outsmart, Outlast).

#3 Don’t (over)perform

Imagine you’re telling a story to a bunch of friends rather than speaking in the Speech Contest Finals.

#4 Rehearse

You’ll be speaking from your chair, but there will be many on the other side of the screen. Preparation will pay off. Trust me.

#5 Eye contact is with the camera, not the screen

You don’t need to be looking into the camera – but it’s good to use that for emphasis.

#6 Do the “sound and video” check

Get in touch with the host to get feedback on how your mic sounds and how the light in your room makes your face look.

#7 Adjust your body language

So far, all except for one spoke sitting in a chair – on a sofa. I think in chair is better. It limits your movement and gestures – but amplifies your facial expressions. Good facial expressions will take you a long way.

Bonus tip

Like I heard the Paris crew of consulting company Roland Berger said about their approach to work back in 2007: Surtout, have fun!

Photo by BRUNO CERVERA on Unsplash