(This is a now page – an idea from Derek Sivers)

What I’m into these days:

Improving my research process

Fascinated by Robert Greene’s and Ryan Holiday’s books – as well as their approach to processing and organizing information, I decided this is the next step towards improving my writing, speaking and thinking. I gave the first workshop on the topic last Saturday in Wroclaw, will give the next one next Saturday in Ostrava. And there’s more to come. Evernote is my best friend.

Saying “yes” whenever someone asks me: “Could you give a training on…”

This got me to give a training on WebEx (teleconferencing tool), as well as OneNote in the company a work for. Just to make it clear: I was not an expert on either before giving it. If you’re reading this and you think you need a workshop on something, let me know. There’s a big chance I will say “yes” to you too. I wonder what’s coming next.

Listening to Harry Potter Audiobooks

Best spent Audible credits since Atlas Shrugged. If you know Harry Potter books and have not yet heard the audio – get it, you will love it. If you don’t know Harry Potter yet – get it. You will fall in love.

Update posted on 17th April 2018.