(This is a now page – an idea from Derek Sivers)

What I’m working on these days:

Excel Magic

Thanks to one of our interns I found new love for Excel. He showed me YouTube channel ExcelIsFun. This guy recorded hundreds of videos – and they are fun to watch. I want to learn his tricks to impress everyone in the office. And get more work done in shorter time.

Storytelling Workshop

I’m preparing my next workshop – on Storytelling. Reading books (such as Lead with a Story), watching TED Talks, giving speeches. Doing research is one of my favorite parts of preparing for a presentation. I also started collecting stories at work. It’s nice to have stories about Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, but even better is having a story about the Spanish Data Scientist from the 2nd Floor.

Toastmasters Club Reports

There is a huge pile of reports (almost 100) about Toastmasters Clubs in the Wild East of Europe District I need to go through. I read some already, yet most are still waiting to be read. Objective: Get answers to the question – what can I do to help each club get new members?


Having attended conferences in all corners of Europe, I realized that today it’s impossible to bring all Toastmasters members in one place. Solution: Webinars. We organized one in collaboration with the South of UK two weeks ago – I was not the speaker, but the host. I enjoyed the role. We (me and a secret expert) are planning the next one, focused on Club PR – for the 2nd half of January.

Jar of Awesome

Thanks to Kuba who keeps me focused in terms of self-improvement I have an app with reminders of all the habits I decided to build. Thanks to that, today I have a 7-day streak using the Jar of Awesome – at the end of each day, writing down one awesome moment, one awesome thing that happened that day. Not only it improves my evening, but after a few days, it even makes me aware of the good things that are happening to me, right in the moment.

Skipping Christmas

For the first time in my life, I will be skipping Christmas. I’m not going to South-East Asia (as is becoming the fashion), but to Kiev. Will be back in Prague before New Year’s eve. And I’m looking forward to the party.

Update posted on 18th December 2017.