(This is a now page – an idea from Derek Sivers)

What I’m Into these days

Argentine Tango

It took me 3 and and a half years from my first contact with Tango to actually finishing the beginner’s course, but now I really got into it. For the past three months, I had a class or a practice session three or four times every week, and brought my skill to a level when dance brings me enjoyment (and hopefully does not annoy my dance partners). The courses are almost off during summer in Prague, which will force me to start attending the milongas – evenings where you get to dance with strangers. I’m terrified. But I’m telling people they must overcome their discomforts from speaking in public – so now it’s my turn overcome my fears and start dancing.

Setting-up the Toastmasters District Team

From July 1st I took the role of District Director for Toastmasters District 110, the Wild East of Europe. There’s a lot of things that need to be set-up at the beginning of the term, including regular meetings and communication channels. But it’s worth investing the time – once this gets done right, it will save a lot of effort down the road.

Testing Instagram

After years of purposefully ignoring it, I noticed that some of the thought leaders I look up to (let’s name Seth Godin among all others) are using Instagram to spread their thoughts. I decided to dive into it, see what content is available and if it can be used for promoting Toastmasters to new audiences. I’m far from mastery, but if you’d like to follow my Instagram experiments, you’ll find me here.

Learning about Design Thinking

This one is very fresh. After achieving high level of comfort in developing and delivering soft-skill trainings, I feel it’s time to “level up” and enter the field of facilitation. Design Thinking, initially used in software development, is a methodology that makes people ask the right questions about their business processes and strategies. Now I’m reading up on the theory and I got invited to co-facilitate a design thinking workshop. Let’s see where that takes me.


Update posted on 5th July 2019.