(This is a now page – an idea from Derek Sivers)

What I’m into these days

Evangelizing Mural

Haven’t heard of it till March 2020, now that’s the one tool I open more frequently than PowerPoint, Excel and Word combined. Without it, working remotely would have been unbearable. With it – I’m having the time of my life on home office! I enjoy watching how other people are making progress with it – from their first clumsy attempts building up their skills over time to use it as nonchalantly as pen and paper.

If you work remotely with a team and you’re not using it yet – trying it might be a life-changer for you.

Learning about Insights

When I experienced the full-day Insights Discovery session with my team three years ago, I followed the explanations of color metaphors to personality types and thought: “Okay, this is interesting.” Then I forgot about it. It was not until this spring when I went through the “Practitioner” training that I really got it. I actively started paying attention to how different people communicate differently – and how differently they respond to my communication too.

I realized that the colleague who has a tendency to talk more than she should, is enthusiastic in moments when there is no reason to be, and has to be present in every committee, is not a flamboyant narcissist. She is simply a different personality type. Obvious to some, a useful discovery for me. Even bigger a-ha moment came for me when my Insights Client Partner wrote me a perfectly structured, easy-to-follow with precise descriptions. Exactly what I was looking for!

I wrote to her: “You must be the Cool Blue energy type!”

“No,” she replied “but I know you are.”

Chairing the Toastmasters District Leadership Committee

After a 5-month break from any organizing activities in Toastmasters, I’m on a new project – chairing the District Leadership Committee. Again I’m enjoying the thrill of recruiting the team members, laying out the plan and thinking of ways how to make this voluntary work fun and inspiring for others who get involved.

Cooking with friends

“Basic Cooking” is one of the skills that I added to my list in 2020. And it’s not handy just as a way to produce food – but in situation of ever-changing rules for curfews, restaurant opening hours and closed cinemas, I realized cooking is a brilliant social (even 1:1) activity. And so these days, often instead of telling a friend “Let’s go grab a beer / glass of wine / cup of coffee”, I say: “Why don’t we cook something together!” Excellent for learning new recipes and assessing my friends’ knife skills.

Playing with the Rubik’s Cube

One more item to add to “2020 Lockdown Skills”.  A random gift from a friend who came over for cooking, I thought “why not try?”. All my life the Rubik’s cube was an inaccessible mystery for me. Now in my free moments, I am learning new algorithms and improving my fingerwork.

…and you?

How about you, what’s new with you? I’d love to hear a bit more than the usual “What’s new with you”“Nothing much, how about you”. If you feel like sharing, let me know!

Update posted on 19th January 2021