(This is a now page – an idea from Derek Sivers)

What I’m Into these days

Toastmastering online

The overall lockdown made Toastmasters meetings across our District impossible – and so online became the only way. The clubs are trying to figure it out as they go; I try to be helpful by attending my portion of the meetings, taking notes and suggesting improvements. I can say: There’s a lot of cool stuff you can do in online Toastmasters meetings.

Short videos

Finally got into the (daily) habit of recording and posting short videos. Simple recordings without edits, the main benefit so far that I got some practice speaking to the camera. Since I have to come up with something to speak about, it gives me a similar nudge as when I was posting daily on my blog. The immediate feedback on my presentation (I watch the recording right after taking it, before I post) is priceless (and yes, I still have a lot to learn).

Playing with Mural

Originally as a tool to emulate in-person design thinking workshops online, this tool looks promising also for online delivery of my soft skill trainings.  It’s also a simple way to capture speech / blog post idea on my screen instead with paper post-its on my window.

Diving into mentoring at work.

Having delivered workshops on mentoring and launched mentoring programs in Toastmasters for years, it’s something new for me in the office. Yet it seems that there is interest. I’m reading about mentoring again – and will try to find a way how to show more people in our company what is it they can do in order to get a mentor or to become one.

Storytellers’ Sundays Online

An attempt to entertain Toastmasters and friends tired after running their online club meetings, Storytellers’ Sundays Online is a weekly where a handful of select featured speakers shares their story on a topic of the night – and then anyone from the audience can do the same in an open-mic session. One things I love the most about Toastmasters is the ability to connect with people from all over the world – and this event allows me to do just that. Plus I get to practice with online tools and listen to a few stories.

Update posted on 4th April 2020