(This is a now page – an idea from Derek Sivers)


A month ago I finished “The Podcast Fellowship” workshop and published the first episode of “The Toast of the Wild East“. Naturally, my initial objective for starting a podcast was to get extremely famous. While this is in progress, there are a few other enjoyable things about it.

I’m learning to use my voice better (with videos like this one) improve and edit my audio, and how to be a better listener.

Most importantly: I realized that the people I meet in Toastmasters have fascinating insights that are just waiting to be unlocked in a conversation.

How we can connect: If you know about someone who would be an interesting interview guest for a podcast for ambitious Toastmasters who want to raise their game – I’d love to hear from you.

Design Thinking

After a year and a half doing Design Thinking workshops “On the Side”, I’m joining MSD’s Design Thinking Team on July 1st. I’m looking forward to doing more workshops, as well as to looking for ways to make the approach more accessible to my colleagues.

How we can connect: If you’re interested in the topic, please let me know!

Corporate Blockchain

One of the Design Thinking workshops of 2020 resulted in an opportunity to support a team that is exploring the possible uses of blockchain in the pharma supply chain. Now on a formal 6-month assignment, I’m enjoying the adventure of trying to quickly understand technology about which I had initially no idea about.

How we can connect: If you know about any good blockchain-related resources (especially those that can explain complicated things in an easy way), send them my way.


My progress in the kitchen slowed down slightly in 2021, but I am proud to say that I fine-tuned my chicken-roasting abilities and now I can make chicken with crunchy skin almost as good as my grandma.

How we can connect: If you have any cooking tricks, I’m interested! Maybe we’ll meet at a dinner party!


The 2020/2021 lockdowns were not the best environment for dancing tango at big parties, but at least I discovered the magic of YouTube lessons. In combination with private lessons, maybe these could even replace group lessons? Okay, I admit, even I’m not that crazy.

How we can connect: If you’re in Prague and are dancing / want to be dancing argentine tango, let me know and we can meet in an event! Even if you’re not in Prague right now – let me know, maybe one day we’ll travel again and you can tango in my town or I can tango in yours!

How to connect

In whichever way you’ll manage – for example on Twitter, I’m @lukasliebich.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Update posted on 16th June 2021