(This is a now page – an idea from Derek Sivers)

Three weeks ago I took another step to blend my corporate career and my hobby. Got a regular slot for my “Creative Problem Solving” training / workshop in MSD after a successful pilot. I will be adding one more topic in September. I am still not exactly paid cash for my trainings (at least – most of the time not paid), but doing them as part of my working hours is a step ahead. Plus it’s a way to get even more practice.

Besides trainings, I’m looking into facilitation opportunities in our IT center – brainstormings sessions, strategy workshops, communities of practice. I still have a lot to learn though. So I’m reading on Scrum and organize my tasks in JIRA, just to get the feeling of it.

Next week I will use the opportunity of visiting the Toastmasters Club Officer Training to visit and explore Kiev. For the first time in years I plan to connect Toastmasters travel with sightseeing. So I study the book Awesome Kyiv a friend gave me last week to help me prepare.

After that, I’ll rest in Prague a bit and then I’ll head to Vancouver for the District Leader Training and the Toastmasters International Convention. An event with 2000 people, the biggest opportunity so far to practice using the “Conference Commando” approach.

And for the the second time of my life, I’m trying to eat well. Salads instead of burgers. Nuts instead of cookies. Cucumber instad of Pringles. Why? I took advice from a cartoonist.

Update posted on 30th July 2017.