10 Centimeters per 1,000 Years

If 30 kilometers per hour seems rather slow, then we could call the speed of 10cm per a thousand years unimaginable.

But you could say that nature has time on its side. Some identified limestone stalactites are estimated to be more than 190,000 years old.

When we pick up a new skill or begin work on a project, we want to see results immediately. Take a selfie > boom > get likes. But can you imagine what would it look like, if instead, we were able to imagine our progress drip by drip? Don’t get distracted, just keep on doing the same thing – that thing being anything with a lasting effect.

Looking at the two big volumes of David Sedaris’ diaries (Theft by Finding and Carnival of Snackery), both of which representing, in the authors’ words “just a fraction” of what he wrote over the years, gives me a little nudge to try to steer myself away from all possible “time-wasters.”

If you had a chance to spend some time by an activity that would be more akin to the calcium bicarbonate precipitating back into limestone to form a tiny ring, gradually elongating to form a stalactite (more on stalactites here), what would it be?

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