7 Tips for Online Storytelling

Note: This post has been edited with tip #0. Thanks to Carol for asking for it.

In case you’d ever like to speak at one. Works both for featured speakers and for Open-Mics.

#0 Don’t read it from the screen (or from some other secret location)

We will see you’re reading it. It will kill the connection. Not the wifi. The one between you and the audience.

#1 Check out what it looks like

Here’s the recording of the first Storytellers’ Sunday Online.

#2 Tell just one story

It’s not a Toastmasters speech contest. More like this (The Moth Presents David Cole) than this (Darren Tay | Outsmart, Outlast). One story. From your life.

#3 Don’t (over)perform

Imagine you’re telling a story to a bunch of friends rather than speaking in the Speech Contest Finals.

#4 Rehearse

You’ll be speaking from your chair, but there will be many on the other side of the screen. Preparation will pay off. Trust me.

#5 Eye contact is with the camera, not the screen

You don’t need to be looking into the camera – but it’s good to use that for emphasis.

#6 Do the “sound and video” check

Get in touch with the host to get feedback on how your mic sounds and how the light in your room makes your face look.

#7 Adjust your body language

So far, all except for one spoke sitting in a chair – on a sofa. I think in chair is better. It limits your movement and gestures – but amplifies your facial expressions. Good facial expressions will take you a long way.

Bonus tip

Like I heard the Paris crew of consulting company Roland Berger said about their approach to work back in 2007: Surtout, have fun!

Photo by BRUNO CERVERA on Unsplash

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