3 Tips on How to Find Time for a Good Thing

1. Skin in the game

Two weeks ago, I signed up for the “Podcast Fellowship“, committing to spend some time every day on learning how to build a podcast. This week however, I’m at the Toastmasters International Convention – agenda packed with trainings, interviews, and meetings (formal ones and those over a cup of coffee or a glass of beer). It would be easy to drop out. But hey, I’ve paid for it. And I don’t want these 430 dollars to fly out from the window. I find the time.

2. The easiest thing

The fact that exercise is good for me is not a shocking discovery. And yet at home I don’t exercise every day like I do here. The same that I’m prone to check my phone more often since I can unlock it with a fingerprint than when I had to type in a password, I’m more prone to go to the gym when it’s 5 minutes away from my room.

3. Don’t Stop Now

Writing a post takes me some time every day. Especially when I”m out of my usual schedule (like now at the Convention), it’s even more challenging to squeeze some writing time in. However – I have published a post for 12 days in a row: Why stop now? As Seth Godin writes in his post “Streaks”: “Streaks create internal pressure that keeps streaks going.” It’s easier to post the 13th day in a row than for the first time in a long time.

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