The Easy and the Hard Parts of Networking

The Easy Part

Exchanging business cards (or contacts) feels great: Smiles and handshakes. Bright future. Potential of future collaboration and more exciting conversations.

The Hard Part

And yet: When reality kicks-in, often, nothing happens.

“In such a world, it’s incomprehensible that only a small percentage of us decide to follow up once we’ve met someone new. I can’t say this strongly enough: When you meet someone with whom you want to establish a relationship, take the extra little step to ensure you won’t be lost in their mental attic.” – Keith Ferrazzi, Never Eat Alone

What did you enjoy in the conversation? How can you be helpful to that person? How can you work together in the future?

I know: With all the everyday pressures and distractions, it’s hard to find time to follow-up on a contact we made at an event or a conference.

But you know what?

Exactly because of that: This will make YOU stand out if YOU do it.

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