5 Storyfinding Lists for You: Ready to Use Now

The “I don’t have any stories” problem is not caused by lack of (exciting) experience, but by lack of searching.

If you’d like to give searching a go — welcome on board and here you go.

Story Finding List

  1. 10 most important people in your life. How did you meet them / what is your first memory about them?
  2. 10 of your favorite places in the world. Why did you go there? Did you get what you went for? How?
  3. Years of your life. Start with “16” and move forward. “What happened that year? How was that year different from the previous one?” (Inspired by Theo Huffman).
  4. The alphabet (A, B, C, …). List a few random words from each letter. What personal story comes to your mind connected with one of the words? (Inspired by Peter Wallin).
  5. The photos on your phone: “What just happened there?” (Inspired by Mark Brown).

Enough stories for a year or two.

Have fun telling them.

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