Conflict Is Not a Bad Thing

We’re going through the District Budgeting process.

At the moment (middle of the process), we’ve found out that we want to spend 2x more than what we expect to earn.

And so, the Division Directors and Core Team members get an “adjusted” amount, into which they have to fit.

Here is where the emotions arise:

“We can’t do anything with this amount of money!”

“This is not fair to our Division, our conditions are different and our costs are naturally higher!”

“How is it possible that we get this little? Our members should get more money back!”

While these conflict-signing expressions might sound rather negative, it’s good they are happening. In fact, it means we’re forced to ask the right questions: “What are we spending our money on? Are these the best things to spend our money on?” And perhaps even better: “Where are we getting money from? Is there a way for us to raise more money?”

And in the ideal case – we’ll even do something about it.

Conflict is not a bad thing. Conflict stirs emotion. Emotion fuels action.

And actions, ladies and gentlemen…

Action is a good thing.

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