Delivering Bad News (Short Lesson for Every Leader)

“Due to storms over Germany, we will only be allowed to take off in 20 minutes. We expect to land in our destination 50 minutes behind schedule.”

This is usually when people get really upset.

But on this Brussels Airlines flight – they don’t. A few seconds after the pilot finishes his sentence, a flight attendant appears in the front side of the aisle with an apologetic smile – and a large basket. As she walks down the aisle, she turns the basket to the passengers and they take some small square-shaped objects from it. She’s giving them chocolates!

As she makes her progress towards the rear of the plane, people are divided into two groups: Those who focus on the sweetness in their mouth, and those who focus on the sweetness yet to come.

We might end up missing our connecting flights: But right now, we have chocolate.

What can be better than that?

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