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Presentation Skills

Aragorn’s Audience Analysis

Presentation Skills: Imitate, Imitate, Imitate!

Workshop Crafting: Demystified


The Queen, the King and the Bard as well as the original version in Rewrite that Fairy Tale!

Meeting in Winter

Life & Ideas

3 Lessons from Arnold

10 Small Things for a Better Day

Not Only Starbucks


Too Complicated

Cup with a Story

A Blues Song in Warsaw

Interviews on Toastmasters

Jaro Kovac: “Sales Skills Will Improve Your Life”

Andrei Popescu: “I had to make peace with my inner demons in order to move on.”

Joanna Chmiel: “Say yes – and see what happens”

Iwona Winiarska: “A few years ago, I wanted to be anonymous”

Other posts on Toastmasters

Toastmasters Explained in 7 Minutes

Area Director: How Much Time?

Rock Your Conference