A List for a Good Day

  • See the sunrise with you
  • Sketch your portrait
  • Have you describe me in your language
  • Go to a cooking class together
  • Have a glass of wine on a rooftop

…and 42 more ideas for things we could do. On a good day. Even though it was many years ago – I remember how enchanted I was when I received it.

“Such simple things,” you might say. “Why write them down, you can just do them anytime!”


In the case above, distance and schedules were in the way. If we met for one weekend in a month, we thought ourselves lucky. But before that weekend, we would look at the list. During the weekend, we would always tick a few items off. While the days together were few – we made sure they were good.

Fast forward to present.

“You can do those things anytime.”


But do we really? Or do we just settle for a “normal day” today and postpone the “good day” for tomorrow; next week; or when we have time?

What does your list for a good day look like?

Photo by Leon Biss on Unsplash

One thought on “A List for a Good Day

  1. Myslím, že každý den je dobrý. Vyjímečný a neopakovatelný. Už si neschovávám lepší šaty na ten LEPŠÍ DEN, už si uvědomuji, že každý den je ten nejlepší. A zaznamenám-li PROPAD nálady, hledám příčinu , kterou odstraním a v LEPŠÍM dni pak můžu zase pokračovat…
    Ale že mi to trvalo. SMAJLÍK.

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