Taco Talks, Cheeseburger Meetings

In our Prague office, we do weekly “Breakfast and Learn” sessions. One of our colleagues presents something cool they are working on and shares with everyone interested. I was always wondering: “Why do we need to provide breakfast? Should not people come just to see the speaker?”

This week I’m in our Austin office. In some trainings, I had last-minute cancellations (conflicting meetings, changed priorities). One presentation I gave however was more than packed: It was during the “Taco Talk” session. Everyone gets served breakfast tacos. Then they listen to whichever speaker is on the program. This time it was me – and the room was packed.

As I’m getting older and wiser, I lean towards not fighting against human nature.

“It is simple: Human nature is stronger than any individual, than any institution or technological invention. It ends up shaping what we create to reflect itself and its primitive roots. It moves us around like pawns. Ignore the laws at your own peril. Refusing to come to terms with human nature simply means that you are dooming yourself to patterns beyond your control and to feelings of confusion and helplessness.” – Robert Greene, Laws of Human Nature

“Food always works.” – Balraj Arunasalam

Think about how you can use this for your Toastmasters Club: Cheeseburger Meetings, Snicker Speeches, Piña Colada Table Topics.

I might even come for a visit.

Photo by Xavier crook on Unsplash

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