Planet vs. Points

I saw them before: “If you want to save the nature, skip housekeeping. Hang this sign on your door the night before.”

I’m all up for saving the nature. However: The impact of my sheets not being changed on the well-being of our planet was a bit unclear to me. And anyway, putting the sign up on my door the night before would simply be too much hassle.

This time however, the deal was different: “Save the nature. Plus, get 250 points on your rewards account. Hang this sign on your door before 11pm.”

I considered it.

3 extra arguments:

  • Someone will recognize my action
  • I will be able to see the results of my action
  • I will benefit from my action

It won’t be eternal fame and glory, but someone will notice (to add the points to my client account).

It won’t (probably) get a hi-five from the front desk personnel, but I’ll see those 250 points on my account.

It won’t buy me a new Ferrari (or a free night), but it might make a difference when I’ll be booking my stay the next time.

Last night, at 10:55pm, I’ve put the sign up on the doorhandle of my room.

The takeaway (and the inconvenient truth about the world): Saving planet is nice. But if you want to move people to action – offer them points.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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