It’s Been Said Before

Browsing through Derek Sivers’ blog, I come across his post Obvious to you. Amazing to others.

And it strikes me: The same thought I posted about yesterday; just expressed in a better way; by someone more accomplished; 8 years ago.

It’s Been Said Before.

Luckily: I know that’s nothing to worry about.

“People change, people forget, collective memory does not serve us well, never mind the flaws in individual memory.” – Aliya Mughal in her post titled – wait for it – What If it’s All Been Said Before?

(and not everyone reads Derek Sivers; even if they maybe should)

If you’re just about to write an article, give a speech or prepare a presentation, and you’re worried that it’s been said before: You’re most probably right.

Despite that – go ahead. It has not been said by you. Not in that moment. Not to that audience.

Photo by Mark Rasmuson on Unsplash

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