Robbed of the Beauties of the Journey

A comment under the YouTube Video of Aaron Beverly’s 2016 World Championship Finals speech: “You are an amazing speaker and you should have won, hands down.” (Note: In comparison with the 2016 winner Darren Tay).

Clearly, the person commenting is Aaron’s fan. But would it really have been better had Aaron won in 2016?

Had that happened, he would not have been allowed to compete in 2019 (the rules say, once you win the World Championship, you can’t compete anymore). He would not have delivered 2 outstanding speeches in the 2019 semifinals and finals; and he would not have won the 2019 World Championship (obviously).

It’s great to have goals and strive to achieving them – or heroes for whom we can cheer as they strive to achieving theirs.

Yet sometimes: A quick arrival to the destination can rob us – and our heroes – of the beauty of the journey.

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