Human Race Game (and sources of inspiration)

Feeling playful?

Here’s a game for you*:

Number of players: 2-4

Scenario: Imagine. All human race has been eliminated. You and your friend(s) have the power to bring a select few back to the surface of the Earth. The only condition: You have to justify (in front of the others) your choice.

Then: Take turns!

Constraints: Every person has max 2 minutes to present their proposal for “resurrection” in front of the others.

Answer to a frequently asked question: Yes, you can make this a Table Topic session!

A touch of depth – lessons learned:

  1. Games don’t take much to make
  2. Inspiration hides in many places
  3. Being famous helps (in a situation where a small group decides who will be resurrected and brought back, among the select few,).


*Borrowed from the book “13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl” by Mona Awad. If you’re wondering: I was just hanging around a library. I came across t and this book has a weird enough name that I took it from the shelf, brought it to a table and started reading.

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