Should I Record Myself?

“Should I record myself today?”

For me, the answer was most often: “I’m not sure.”

Or, better to say, the answer was nothing. The result was clear though: No action. No recording of my speech or presentation. No material I could review.

Here’s an alternative I’m using for the past 4 weeks:

“I record myself.”

No questions. Same answer. Every time.

I come to a Toastmasters meeting (or another event where I present), set my phone up in my table top tripod (or just lean it against a glass of water) and before I’m called, I tap “record”.

Like the good old people at Nike used to say: “Just do it!”

It’s easier to delete a recording that turns out to be useless, than to review a performance without a recording.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

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