Hate Being a Beginner?

“You will know how to perform well in your role only at the end of your term.” – various wise Toastmasters

Look, there is some sense in that. We all learn by experience, and if you’ve started in a new role yesterday, it will probably take some time before you become masterful. But waiting till the end of your term to master it? Come on!

The thing is that you can choose whether you’ll learn at the “Standard pace”, slowly, step by step – or whether you will choose to give it some extra energy, invest in your learning from the start – and reap the fruits for the rest of your term.

Speaking of “Standard pace”, I like the way Derek Sivers summarizes it: Standard pace is for chumps.

Or take my tango teacher Nolwenn, who started dancing 15 years ago. From the start, instead of attending one class a week (the standard), she attended three or more.

“Why?” I asked her.

“I just hated being a beginner.”

All up to you of course. Take you time if that’s your thing. But if you hate being a beginner – work harder to stop being one faster.

Some practical tips on how to do this:

  • Deliver a Pathways project at least once every two weeks
  • Master the basics by getting familiar with the Club Leadership Handbook, District Leadership Handbook and the materials they refer to
  • Ask a leader you trust for a stretch assignment

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