How am I going to survive this?

Saturday afternoon. I’m getting prepared for an educational speech that I give on Tuesday evening.

“I don’t have enough content for a 15 minute slot. Maybe if I add a little story about how we practiced improvised presentations in the park – but that is still less than 9 minutes altogether. What am I going to put in the additional 6 minutes?”

I shake my head in despair.

“How am I going to survive this?”

Even though going to Toastmasters and giving speeches is a hobby for me, when it comes to the laborious activity of writing speeches, I’m always tired of it just a few minutes after I start. I take it as a task I have to get done. Put together a presentation that will last 15 minutes. In current situation: Create 6 more minutes of content I can add to the 9 I already have. If I manage that – I will survive.

Until the 15 minutes of content are ready – it will be a pain. I will definitely have to spend some hours to produce those words and paragraphs. During that time I will gradually build negative feelings towards the presentation. Once I reach the 15 minute mark – I will want to stop working on it immediately – and do something – anything – more fun.

By the way – have you ever been to a presentation where it was obvious the speaker took exactly this approach? Where his goal was rather to survive his time on the stage than to convey a meaningful message to you in a novel and entertaining way?

How did you feel about that presentation – and about that presenter?

I guess the presenter survived – but maybe he almost killed YOU – by boring you to death.

That’s something I’d like to avoid – at least this Tuesday evening.

I need to tackle this task differently. Especially when it’s my hobby. For this time, I will forget my old “How am I going to survive this” attitude and I will try to implement something new. Like  “Have a Blast Insatiable Technique”.

Well, how to have a blast writing a speech? There’s no other way than to try it, is there?


Let’s experiment, be creative, try some new tricks, put in there a couple of jokes, some stories – make it fun for myself and educational for the audience! Don’t worry about whether I will survive. Think about how great the presentation will be once I put together all those cool ideas!

Once I finish the brainstorming, collect the ideas and write them down to have them prepared for the final editing, I can even ask myself – having all those pieces together, what would be the best way to get the message across?

Now when I’m thinking about it – is there any chance the “Have a Blast Insatiable Technique” (should we call it HaBIT?) could work also in different areas?

During the workweek, there are so many meetings and so many tasks we only hope to survive. Status reporting to senior management, meeting with a new tough client, development of project roadmap for strategic purchasing processes redefinition – when we’ve never developed a project roadmap before…

Just as an experiment – for one week – let’s apply HaBIT for all those situations.

In the worst case, at least we’ll struggle hard for a good case – to have a blast.

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