They Want My Likes

“I’m not getting into their game!”, a friend of mine replied, when I asked her why she is so strict about not adding any of her colleagues from work as Facebook friends.

“The stuff they are posting, it’s so annoying, I just don’t want to see it! All the time, they brag about how  busy they are at work and how  much overtime they have to stay.

Or even worse, when they’re on a business trip, they keep adding pictures from the places they’re staying at. One week in Milan, the next in Berlin, and the week after that in Moscow. They want to look so cool and make the others envy them!

I’m living the same life as they are and I know that it’s nothing to be amazed of. Yes, we might go for a week to Milan, but we don’t see a bit of the city, because we arrive at the airport on Monday morning, work for three days until late night so we’re happy if we can get enough sleep and on Thursday afternoon we fly back home, tired. What they do is to wake up early on Wednesday morning, go to the hotel gym with a cool view from the window, take a picture of themselves and tag it as ‘Exercising in Milan’, so the whole world can see!

Saddest thing of all – after that they keep checking their phones to count how many likes they get. The last time, this spoiled the whole day for my colleague. He didn’t get any.

I’m sure he ‘s pushing me to ‘friend’ him on Facebook just so that he can get my likes. And so do the others.”

Thinking about my own Facebook Newsfeed – I can recall all those cool pictures being posted by some of my friends. Actually – I can recall posting such pictures myself. Yes, most definitely we publish them because we want to show the world how amazing, exciting and special lives we have.  And no doubt most of us are waiting for recognition, both in form of “likes” and impressed comments.

But… What’s wrong with that? Don’t we all want to feel special and recognized? Perhaps the only difference is in the way in which we are calling for attention. Some people post their picture in front of the Eiffel Tower, some post a photo series about a crazy 6-course meal they prepared last weekend for their fiancée, while some others might even try to… write a blog article.

Who can say what is better? Or would it be better to share nothing at all?

2 thoughts on “They Want My Likes

  1. One type of person walks into a room and says, “Ah, there you are.”

    Another type, “Here I am.”

    With posting online, some truly want to share, others only to display their feathers.

    For the first category, I click on ‘like.’

    For the second — taking a picture of your cat or breakfast or of yourself on a beach (except if you’re in a bikini) — I click my ‘screwyoutohell!’ button (patent pending).

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